File format

JPEG is the most known file format there is. It is also the most used upon digital cameras partially it because that the only format some cameras offer. They can also be compressed easily. A con is it the quality can decrease. TIFF format this one is the most used in the industry standard file format. A pro is you can get the best quality in all photos, con is this file is much larger than others. RAW format is a more advanced format that provides the best. A pro is the best quality is being taken, a con is it takes more time to convert this format into a gallery. DNG is created by adobe and was meant to be the standard one but it was challenging to use. Pro is that its more likely to stay saved for years long, con is it also takes very long for it too be saved into desktop. PNG was designed in the 90’s a pro is its ability to remain transparent, a con is quality is not good enough for printing. GIF is mainly used on the internet and on text chats. A pro is it’s a very small file, a con is it has limited colors. BMP is another lose less file t was invented by Microsoft, Pro it can be used to safe high quality stuff a con is I requires lots of storage. PSD is what adobe photo shop uses as a default. Pro is it can be re saved by any other file, a con is larger files can’t be saved


I personally think my composition is alright for my editing on my photos I did some black and white filter on the pumpkin framing also I added a slant in the camera angle to add more to the picture if I shot this assignment again I would probably change the pumpkin to a person if I had the opportunity personally I don’t think my photos belong on the blog homepage yet maybe when I put more editing and effort into taking my photos then I can be able to be on the home page

For this photo for my composition I think it’s better than my last photo for editing again I did black and white filter and I kept this photo at a little slant also if I could change this project and add it maybe I would do more editing and better framing aspect to the picture rather than using paper to frame my project an like I said again I don’t think my photography is at its peak to be able to be on herb’s homepage for photography

Top photographer

the videos we watched in class show us about photography and how they shoot nd he process they go through. I personally would not be a photographer as a career its just not really my calling but I do enjoy it as a little hobby or a class because it gives me the opportunity to go outside more and engage with plants and people and being in the sun , on the first episode of the show they show a girl who took her pictures with a few seconds left to spare and she ended up winning that part. This show was very good and i would like to watch more episodes.


i chose this picture by Salvador Dali because i really like the bright colors in this photo because of the bright colors in this photo with the banana alike swing if that’s how you explain it. It is a banana portrayed into a swing right by what it looks like to be a little lake or pond maybe with the sun gleaming in the background. I just started to look at his work and i honestly love it it portrays different messages in all different photos i think that this one shows peace like a peaceful place to rest at or enjoy a day at with all good vibes.

camera modes

Automatic modes it is a estimate of the best iso, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, focus and flash. So it gives ups the best or what it thinks we need to take a good picture. Portrait mode is like when u switch to it will un focus the background so that it can focus on you. It works best when you are taking a picture of just one single person rather than a group of people and to also if you are in the sunlight you will want to put the flash on to add better lighting to the person in the center of the photo because the sunlight could possibly throw it off. Macro mode is the best for shooting nature pics like of scenery and sky pictures. This mode can vary in many different cameras, so it won’t be the same in all cameras. Landscape mode it is like portrait mode it just had a small aperture in it. It is ideal in capturing wildlife shots and nature shots. Sports mode is used for moving pictures so it help and pauses when senses motion so that the photo will come out good. It has a increased shutter speed so it stops in motion. Night mode is a mode that creates and enhances color in the photo and brings mode lights in the night and dark photo. If you use a tripod it could help balance it and make he background blur so that it focuses on the one thing. Movie mode it makes your camera capture moving ones around and not just still photo. It is a moving photo so it is some sort of a video photo and combined together. Snow mode is for the snow photos and gets u good lighting. Fireworks is for obviously bright stuff. Beach mode is for bright stuff in motion. Aperture priority mode is semi automatic mode your camera choses its own settings. Program mode only some cameras have this mode . The last mode is manual mode this mode lets u have full control of the camera

conceptual self portrait

ap .7 iso;160 s;1/15

The word conceptual Is meaning of mental concepts but for a personal definition I would describe it as a description of a concept that you think and describe to someone. This picture I uploaded is of my dog Rocco he is a rottweiler and he is 3 years old as you can see from the picture he is a black dog with some brown pieces of his face and body. This photo represents me because my dog is someone very important in my life. I decided to do this assignment on him because I just feel like he would be the best thing to really represent me because I love animals and especially dogs and he is you know a dog lol. He is a really big part of my life because no matter what he’s going to be a permeant friend in my life and someone I an have by my side no matter if I’m mad sad angry or happy my dog will always be there and ready to love me and stay next to me in bed all day or whenever I feel like I want some company. He is also a protection dog and plays a big part in protecting our family no matter what he is a very good dog. He has grown up with me and been one of my only friends sometimes. Many people wont understand a bond with a dog and human sometimes but it is a very great bond to have or at least experience once in your life because the bond is like no other its like always having a friend who will never judge you or make you feel sad in any way. He is a very important thing in my life so I thought I would write this about him